Thursday, December 29, 2011

Female Cardinals

A flock of Cardinals visit the deck every day.
There are males and females.

I know the birds.
They know me.
Each one is different.
Each one is charming in her own way.
This one has a bit of white on her checks.
Mine is at my temples.
I enjoy their company while I read.
Today I focused on the females.

A new to my deck Female came today.
She is shy. Smaller than the other females I think she is young.
I fell in love!


  1. I used to have them and watched how they made a family, how they raised the children. Mama was always very gentle and fed the children, but the male could be really nasty and one time a fairly grown up boy was chased away very rudly by the Papa.! I did not feed the male for a couple of days! I really was angry at him, but generally the male cardinal can be nasty to any other member of his family!

  2. Dear Sherry,

    Isn't she sweet, so pretty. I love her too!!
    The birds colour your life.......

  3. I love the subtle differences that your camera captures. I love the girls too.

  4. ah, I can see why you fell in love.

    i just heard this:

    and I thought of you, i think it was when i heard dragon that i thought of you, still I sense you would enjoy the entire reading....

  5. These photos are beautiful. I love cardinals. I wish I knew how to take bird photos like you. :)