Thursday, January 12, 2012


My friend sent a cowgirl card for my birthday.
I love the can do attitude of the Cowgirl.
She is a modern Archetype for me.

A cold front came blistering in over night.
Temperatures have dropped into the teens and a spitting of snow is on the ground.
I stood at the backdoor and watched the birds.

I thought about the Archetypes in my life.

Since I have begun this personal study I have learned much about myself and my world.

I love Kuan Yin.
She is the Goddess of compassion.

I have a few statues of her.
I turn towards the Goddess when my sun is in Capricorn.

I turn towards the East in January.

I want to share with you all the different Archetypes that bubble up for me.

I am studying W.W. II.
I am understanding a wee bit better.

I love the Japanese way of yuga.
Yuga (yoo-gah), graceful living.

The Goddess within is teaching me graceful living.


  1. hello and happy birthday lovely lady!
    your bird photos are awesomely colorful, a delight to my eyes.
    i love kuan yin also!
    sending you wishes for a year full to overflowing with days that feel wonderful to you!

  2. oh, and I LOVE that cowgirl card!! wahoo!