Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flower Fairies

The gardens are full of daffodils.

The yellows are my favorites this year.

I love sitting with them.
I love watching them dance in the breeze.

I put fresh suet cakes out.
The pair of Yellow Shafted Flickers
like suet.

Mocking bird has a mate.
We saw the two of them getting raisins.

The Dark- eyed Juncos are still here.
I expect them to go north any day.

I read there is to be a kite festival
at the Spiro Mounds this Saturday.

We have decided to begin our retreat early
and drive to the mounds.
We are clicking a couple of days
onto our Spring retreat.

We can walk the prairies in southern Missouri.
We can see wildflowers in Arkansas.
We can see spring in Oklahoma.
Maybe a bee or a butterfly will grace
our adventure.

We will fly kites, laugh and play.
We will honor those who came before us.

I am very excited.

I think this will be my favorite retreat ever!
Maybe we will see a bird or two.
I am taking the cameras and a picnic basket.
I love serendipity.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Artist Date

We began our Artist Date this morning
by having breakfast out.
I was so taken by the heather
on our table that I gasped when I saw it.

Our waitress gave me a
 nice branch to take home.
We will be back!

We had a delightful day.
We picked up our seed potatoes
and we did some shopping
at the yarn shop.

Each day another clump of Daffodils

begins dancing in
the wind.

My miniature rose bushes
are blooming indoors.

I will wait to plant them out.

Our little mantis seems to be
 doing just fine indoors.
She can go outside soon.
It is Spring.