Thursday, February 16, 2012


The days are noticeably longer.
The birds are beginning to claim their territories.
A southern breeze brought warmer air to the deck.

My husband brought up his first tray of sprouts.
We will have some on our dinner salad this evening.

The crocus have sprouted in the back dogwood bed.
Temperatures are to be in the 50's this weekend.
We could have flowers soon.

I checked the garlic.
It is looking good.
The kitchen garden plans for 2012 are coming along.

I am following Celtic Astrology.

I am gathering my books.

I do love the good Sea-Horse
and the Ash tree.

We are on the cusp of Pisces.

I am gathering my Pisces books.

Pisces is in the12th house of the Zodiac.

I honor the Angels during the days of Pisces.

They are the Archetypes I study.

I began reading "Standing in the Light" this morning.
I am connected to Sharman Apt Russell.
We ask the same questions.

I am out on the deck watching the birds and getting ready for the
15th annual Backyard Bird Count.
I am reading and writing.

I am listening to Tabla Beat Science.
I am drinking mint tea.
 I read angels love the smell of mint.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quarter Day

It is a quarter day.
It is halfway from Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox.
It is a day of hope. Spring is just around the corner.
Leap Day this year adds a day to all our counts.

There are many names for this day.
We call today, Imbolc.

Many cultures celebrate the coming of Spring.
There are all sorts of fun traditions.
In Japan beans are thrown for good luck.
Baking bread is my favorite tradition.
It is my way of celebrating grains.

We are waiting for a thunderstorm to come in.
The forecast is for 100% chance of rain tonight and tomorrow
with 1-2 inches expected.
We need the rain.

Our morning sunny skies have given way to overcast.
The wind has remained calm. It will pick up as the storm
moves in. I have been keeping a wind journal since last April.
When the wind turns to the east we often have rain.

It is difficult to predict the weather. I watch the birds.
They feed more before a storm.

The Snowdrop is the flower associated with Candlemass.
It is known as the Purification Flower it is also called
"The Fair Maid of February." I do not grow them.
Perhaps I could.  It would be nice to see blooms
in February. The new zone maps have been released.
We are now zone 6. Although a couple of years ago we had lows
of minus 5 degrees.

I like being with plants.
We communicate.
I am a plant person.
I like having one on one time with the plants.

Daffodiles are emerging all over our gardens.

They are pushing away the mulch.

Rifts of daffodiles are proclaiming Spring.
They are responding to the warm temperatures.
They are not responding to my words of warning.

The Groundhog saw his shadow at my house.
 Spring should be 6 weeks away. Yet the warm temperatures
are proclaiming Spring has arrived.
I do not think the old ways of knowing will work any more.
Climate change is here to stay.

I am sending blessings to all my friends in Europe.
I am sending prayers to my friends in the UK.
Stay safe and warm. Take extra care when outdoors.
Remember the birds and check on the elderly.