Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

My Moon watch continues.
The waning crescent Moon rose early this morning.
I have been getting up to see her.

When the sun rises the Hummingbirds
 are first to the feeders.

The juveniles fly about all day long.
They are a delight to watch.
The House Wrens fledged their little ones.
Summer birds are busy.

I am enjoying the early morning before
 the day becomes hot and humid.

I have had some trouble telling the Variegated Fritillary

apart from the Tawny Emperor.

I asked Tawny to come in so I could learn
his markings.

I am so grateful he did.

They do look different.
I think I will remember now who is who!

The Eastern Tailed Blues are so tiny.
In the early morning they often open their wings
to warm up. I think they are gorgeous!

I still have a few cone flowers blooming.

The marigolds are doing very well.
The Gray Hairstreak seem to enjoy them.

Native Summer bugs and native Summer birds
are some of the reasons I love Summer.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well cared for

Our gardens have changed over the years.
We share our space with many different creatures.

Today we stopped our work and watched a
 Black Swallowtail lay eggs in the front fennel.
We were getting ready to remove it but now
we will wait until the caterpillars are finished.

She lays one egg at a time.

We garden for the bugs.

The Surprise Lilies are in bloom.
They opened this morning.
I think they are pretty.
When a butterfly nectars they will be spectacular.

I remember the Lady who gave these to me.
She was an older neighbor who thought they
would look nice in my gardens.

It is about the bugs for me.

It is about growing flowers they need for their eggs.
Making sure I have nectar even in the heat.

August is the beginning of harvest season.
The Full Green Corn Moon is Friday.

I have a few Corn Husk Dolls out now
and more will follow in September.

I collect them.

My friend saw Mammoth teeth while at an
estate sale.
She knew I would love them.

She also picked up a couple of silver bolo tie holders.

I love these darlings.
I think they will go perfect on a scarf.

I am well cared for.
I have thoughtful friends and loving family.
I have lots of Summer bugs.
Tonight we are planting seeds under
the waxing Moon.
We are planting now
so the bugs have food in October.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the line of duty

I am rising with the dawn and
enjoying these Summer days.

The birds are up early too.

They follow their own inner way.

The bird seed sunflowers by my office window are ripening.

I enjoy watching the Gold Finches pluck seeds from the heads.
A Tawny Emperor warmed on the glass.
It was cooler today.
The rain went south.
We attended the dedication ceremony of the new Police Academy.
It is named in honor of my cousin.
He died in the line of duty in 1978.
It was a moving dedication.
His family cut the ribbon.
His family and the community honored him.

I thought about my service.
I thought about what I have given in the line of duty.

I am following the Moon.
I am following my passions.
I am following the Golden Rule.