Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artist date

Our Black Swallowtail house guest is charming.
The high temperature today is 27 degrees. Way too cold for Swallowtails to be outside.
I fixed her a nectar pot.

In my Book of Days I read today, January 19th,
is the Singapore Kite Festival.

I love kites.
I found myself dreaming about kites.

Zen Kites are nice and small.
I can fly them in my house.
Some kites are huge.

Last year the International Kite Day was in February.
I think this year it is in June.
 I decided today was a grand day to think about kites.

Luna New Year is next week.

I am thinking about butterflies
and Dragons.
It is the cusp of Aquarius.

The archetype of the victim is in Aquarius for me.
My victim is my Dragon.

I have read about Chinese Dragons.
I have read about the Water Dragons.

Today when we went on our Artist Date
I wore a Kite pin and Chinese Kite ear rings.

We are shopping for a couple of pieces of furniture
for our media room.
I was hunting for kites and Dragons.

I have started another book about Shinto.
I am beginning to understand.

All over the world butterflies are loved.
All over the world kites are flown.
All over the world Dragon clouds dance.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My friend sent a cowgirl card for my birthday.
I love the can do attitude of the Cowgirl.
She is a modern Archetype for me.

A cold front came blistering in over night.
Temperatures have dropped into the teens and a spitting of snow is on the ground.
I stood at the backdoor and watched the birds.

I thought about the Archetypes in my life.

Since I have begun this personal study I have learned much about myself and my world.

I love Kuan Yin.
She is the Goddess of compassion.

I have a few statues of her.
I turn towards the Goddess when my sun is in Capricorn.

I turn towards the East in January.

I want to share with you all the different Archetypes that bubble up for me.

I am studying W.W. II.
I am understanding a wee bit better.

I love the Japanese way of yuga.
Yuga (yoo-gah), graceful living.

The Goddess within is teaching me graceful living.