Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day

We listen to baseball games on the radio.
Opening day is today. A true sign of Spring.

I celebrate the bee in April.
So all my bee things are out.

Egg cups make wonderful candle holders.

A bee for ever sort of arrangement!

It is cloudy again today with a few  sprinkles.

When I fed the birds I took a few photographs
of the clumps of daffodils that are all over the gardens.

The Hyacinth scent drifts across the gardens.

This is an enchanting story

that has inspired me.
I savored each page.

Today thousands of people joined together to pray
 for the waters in Japan.
Dr. Emoto taught us to join together in gratitude and love.

The Spirit of the Cowgirl is like the bee;
She is hardworking
and savors the nectar of life!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This and that

The peonies are emerging.
It is an exciting time.
I am gathering bee lore.
A honey bee landed on me while I was reading.

I also have always been a bit different.
I hear the different drummer.
I think way outside of the box.
Kitchen gardens

and fairy tales fill my mind today.
My Cowgirl is tired.
She just wants to rest.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

We planted our root vegetables today.

Lots of wonderful vegetables including 24 hills of potatoes.

Getting our Spring kitchen garden planted is very exciting.
We still have carrot and radish seeds to plant before the Full Moon,
this time period is known as the dark of the moon.
Our above ground vegetables we will plant after the Full Moon, in the light of the moon.

I have been reading about the Mandan tribe.
There are stories in Wales that links this American Indian tribe to the Welsh who came to the Bay of Alabama in 1160.
I am very interested in the Mandan Tribe.

My research on the internet included this wonderful photograph
of a Mandan hut.
We are listening to poetry
and celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Strong southerly winds
brought unseasonably
warm air into the mid-west.

Each day more crocus bloom.
We have been cleaning flowerbeds.

Getting the gardens ready for spring
is always a big job.

We follow college basketball.

We made our picks.
We will watch the games.
We will cheer for our favorite teams.

Win or lose we will have fun.
Cowgirls are good sports!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A taste of Spring

Slowly Spring is coming to my backyard.

I have a relationship with the seasons.

I have a relationship with the birds.
I have a relationship with the moon.
I saw a bee today.
Soon I will see butterflies.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


It was warm this afternoon.
When we came home from walking I sat out on the deck.
I sat in the sun with my book.
I had put some raisins out for Robin and much to my delight Mockingbird came.

I have missed Mockingbird.
He found the raisins.
I will set out two bowls from now on.
I have seen him in the cemetary when we walk.

It seems a long time ago when Mockingbird called my backyard his home. It seems a long time ago when we were friends.
I am so pleased he came and was not afraid.

I do hope he is a regular visitor.
I do hope we can be friends again.

I am a lounge chair scientist.
I love the microbes.

Most days are ponytail days.
I like the ease of a ponytail.

It is too early to do much in the gardens.
So while I relax in the late Winter sun
I am telling myself stories.
I imagine my Tall-grass Prairie as the
land of myth.

I have begun to study Wales.
I have begun my armchair travels.

I do believe
I could have been,
( in some distant past life)
a Little Welsh Cowgirl.