Saturday, May 21, 2011


A young male Summer Tanager came into the back yard.
This is a new bird for us.

The Brown Thrashers seem to be feeding young.

 Swainson's Thrush comes for raisins, grapes and jelly.
 I know that she is only passing through.
She does not nest in Missouri.
It has been a joy to see her.

The Cat Birds are nesting.
They like raisins, grapes and jelly.

The male Cardinal is very protective.
I just love the fanning of the tail!
This pair has already raised two little ones this season.

Looks as if they are getting ready to nest again.

We provide lots of seed so raising young is easier.
These two are so cute.
I am waiting to see the female Hummingbird.

It is birthday time for Gemini.

I follow the zodiac.
I learn about my relationship to each of the signs.

My archetype for Gemini is the messenger.
Perfect time for me to travel.

We are under a Tornado watch.
Areas north-east of us have twisters on the ground.

Thunderstorms and large damaging hail is forecasted.
I hope the birds find shelter.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wild Horses

The peonies have begun to open.
I shall be drying some for winter teas.
A few of the iris are open.
The wind shifted and is now a fresh breeze out of the north.
Temperatures have dropped into the low 50's.
It feels refreshing after highs in the 90's.

I am studying wild Horses.

The English Exmoor ponies are one of the ancient
wild Horses of Europe.

The Camargue are called the Horses of the Sea.

These French horses
 give grace and beauty to this harsh environment.

In the United States it is the wild Mustang

that needs our protection.

I hope I see Mustang when I travel west.

I am reading about the 

I am studying their 
elegant ways.

I am dreaming about the freedom to roam
in the wild places.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spirit Animals

We had rain showers this morning.
The sun came out late in the day.

The Rose- breasted Grosbeaks fed at the feeding station.

A Catbird came to the deck.

I am learning about Spirit Animals.

I am learning about Horses.

I am learning about the Swans.

It is the waxing Crescent Moon day.
She is lovely.