Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been thinking about my relationship with the bees

and the trees.

I am learning about them.

I am studying them,

I am in a relationship with the wild violets
that grow in my garden.

I harvested a basketful today to dry for winter use.

I am learning the stories of the wild violets.

I have been thinking about wisdom

and the gift of story.

The plants in my garden have a story.

I hold their stories in my heart.

I tell their stories.

They are my stories.
I am a plant person.
I belong here with the bees, the trees and the stories.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I welcome Taurus today.

I welcome my student archetype.
The Pleiades make up the shoulder of the Bull.
They are my favorite constellation.
I am reading about the Seven Sisters.
This year for Taurus I am learning the different attributes associated with this sun sign.
I read Taurus was the gourmet of the Zodiac.
 I will plan a few gourmet picnics.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.
I have a Venus journal but it is Saturn that is the show stopper in the evening sky.
The student is my natural state of being.

I am always studying something.
During the days of Taurus I shall be studying wildflowers.
 I shall share their secrets with you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

On the cusp

The wind is singing my name today.
It is a Strong Breeze out of the south east with gusts up to 36 mph.

I closed my eyes and smelled Spring.
I continue to embrace my archetypes.
I have learned so much about myself since I began understanding my sacred contracts.
I have written and posted about the archetypes and the signs of the Zodiac on my blog, "Walking In Beauty." It has been a good spot but I am changing a bit. I am repurposing my blogs.
Spirit of the Cowgirl is about the archetype Cowgirl.
So I shall be posting about archetypes and the Zodiac here.

I am a photographer. I collect images.
I am a writer. I collect stories.

I love diversity and find comfort in knowing we are connected.

When I was a young woman Marie Curie was a role model.
She helped me fall in love with Chemistry.
Chemistry lead me to honey and to the bees.
I want to become a bee keeper.
I think my husband and I would be great bee keepers.
I am reading and gathering my information.
It might take a couple of years for us to be ready for bees.

We are attending a kite festival this weekend.
I would like to learn how to make kites.
I think my husband and I would be great kite makers.
I am savoring the taste of my vegetable garden.
I am understanding my space.
I am changing.

Taurus brings my student to the forefront. I already feel the pull
of wanting a classroom and a teacher. I shall be doing some home schooling this year. Maybe I will find a bee keeping class or a kite making class to attend. I am on the cusp. Life is changing a wee bit.

Cowgirling is just a shout away. She sits loosely in the saddle of life.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rainy Day

This morning was cloudy 
with just a tiny bit of mist.

By 2 o'clock in was raining.

I went walking.
A gentle breeze out of the east made the air refreshingly cool.

I put the second cd of The Dangerous Old Woman on my
walkman and walked across the street into the cemetery.
I wish every one could listen to Clarissa Pinkola Estes tell about
the wise woman archetype. It is wonderful. Perhaps your library can get it for you.

 After walking I listened to music

and did some reading.

I have so many books I want to read.
Sue Hubbell makes me want to be a beekeeper.

After reading this delightful book I have begun to hunt for single flower honey. I also have added honey to my must finds when I travel.

I am collecting wind and rain lore.

Modern tales about clouds and rain drops are fun to read.

These little stories are fun.

When I read serious science I hear sundogs barking and I see rain bows dancing.
I am a rainbow watcher and a cloud traveler. I am a dreamer.
I am in love with the Spring rains.