Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cowgirl Wabi Sabi

Finding a name for the way I live is very exciting.
I have found enthusiasm and appriciation for the way I experience the world. 
Wabi Sabi is a gift the universe gave to me just when I needed it.
Bowing, with my Cowgirl hat in hand, I give you the gift of
Wabi Sabi.

I picked up a few books from the library.
Stories of women who were rsourceful.
These stories inspire me.

As I begin a new year I will be returning to the
Wabi Sabi theme many times.

We are going to see
"True Grit" tomorrow with our friends.
We are celebrating my birthday
and the New Year.
I will wear my Cowgirl hat.
I will talk about Wabi Sabi
and the Cowgirl.
Our friends have an Irish heritage.
I want to talk about how the Irish and the Scottish
helped tame the Wild West.
Knowing our history encourages
us to live deep meaningful lives.

Honoring our heritage helps
us make responsible decisions
on how we use our resources.
I am committed to buying local
 as much as possible.

I am committed to
our wild places.
This week my word is resourceful.
I am an everyday
 Wabi Sabi  Cowgirl.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cowgirl Attitude

I am a city girl, an urban Cowgirl.

I have never been on a ranch much less rode in a rodeo.

I am a peace loving naturalist.

Yet I often need the attitude of the Cowgirl.
I need to kick up my boots and be bold.

When I put my charm bracelet on I feel confident.
A simple charm bracelet reminds me to focus.
A simple charm.

Being a Cowgirl is an attitude.
I am using the words from the
 Cowgirl museum in Fortworth, Texas.

Each week I am choosing a word,
an attitude.

This week I am choosing

I am looking for my
 Cowgirl Silhouette.
My husband is helping me.

I am working on my goals for 2011.
I am dedicated to being the best I can be.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little bit

My husband hung my horseshoe over the door of my home office.
It is where I spend lots of my time. Everytime I see it I smile. A little bit of Cowgirl style is making its way into my decorating.

In one of my Cowboy books I saw this chair and footstool done by Anne Baird.
On my it is wonderful. I looked at her web site. Her work is gorgeous.
I would gladly give up my desk chair for one of her chairs!
Amazing useable art. Cowgirl style that has won my heart.
Slowly, little bit by little bit,  I will bring in Cowgirl things.
My black Stetson is on a hat stand on my dresser.
She looks so smart perched up, reflecting in my mirror. I continue to wear her each day when I write at the kitchen table. I feel empowered when I put my hat on.  It is a fast way to remind myself I can do what ever I set my mind to!

In the old days Kansas was known as the Cowboy State.
Abilene, Kansas, was the first cowtown.

I enjoy history.

 Some Cowboy cooking is going on in my kitchen.

We have eggs twice a week.
We are using the egg shells in our coffee.

I am fixing Sweet Potato Hash Browns
for our Christmas brunch.

 I will have to check to see if I have any Tabasco sauce.

When I was saying goodbye to my neighbor,
she is moving to Texas,
I mentioned the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.
I told her how I have found my inner Cowgirl.
She understood. She had found hers in 2000.
She needed the spunk and the can do attitude of the Cowgirl.
She became an urban chrome Cowgirl and bought a motorcycle.
She even joined an all girl motorcycle group.
She left me a ceramic little boot on my front porch.
A bit of encouragement and a welcome to the Sisterhood.
Cowgirls are everywhere!

We come in all shapes and sizes.
We come with all sorts of styles.
I am a crystal Cowgirl.

I have noticed that I am choosing
Cowgirl motif more often.
I needed to mend a little cotton top.
I picked out the Cowgirl boots as my patch.
I like wearing my boots on my sleeve.

I am smitten with Cowgirl fashion.
I am looking forward to buying
a pair black jeans.

Katy Keene had a
great Cowgirl outfit!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cowgirl Dolly

I saw her on e-bay
in November.

I fell in love.

She inspired me.
I kept an eye on her.

She was out of my price range.

Last week when her price was lowered I bought her.
On St. Nicholas Day she arrived.

I was on the telephone with my friend when she came.
I opened her package and shared the moment.
Cowgirln' is so much fun!
For Christmas my Cowgirl dolly will stand on the mantel.

Cowgirln' has come into the Kitchen.
This cookbook has inspired me to tell the stories of my recipes
and to name my dishes.

I am simplifying my cooking.
Looking for fewer ingredients
and more flavor.

I am reading and learning about the Cowboy style.

There is much to learn.
I have been talking about the Cowgirl Way with my friends.

I have been sharing how my little Cowgirl photograph reminds me
I am creative and resourceful.

I have an idea....

I want to create a deck of "Everyday Cowgirl"
inspirational cards.
I asked a couple of friends if they had a picture of themselves that
spoke to them or inspired them in some way.
They said they did have pictures and began talking about
their inner Cowgirls.
They will send me a photograph and a few words about the picture.
If you have a photograph and would like to be a part of the Everyday Cowgirl inspirational card series send me an e-mail.
Send me a photograph and a few words.
I will make up the deck of cards and send everyone a set.
These photographs can be of yourself at any age.
The Cowgirl is an attitude.
She doesn't have to have a hat or a pair of boots.

It does help to have a Dolly!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spirit of the Cowgirl

I am smitten with the Cowgirl.
She has so much to teach me.

I want to share my Cowgirl adventure.
I want to hear about your Cowgirl.

Annie Oakley was my role model when I was a little girl.
She still pulls my heart strings.
She had the best outfits!

Today I am inspired by the Cowgirls who are in the
Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
 I am inspired by these strong, "can do" women.

The Spirit of the Cowgirl is awesome.
She has a bit of spunk about her.

I am learning

 the Cowgirl Way.

I am finding my Cowgirl style.

It is so much fun.

I need a place to gather my Cowgirl things.

I need a place I can talk Cowgirl.

I want to share the story of my hat
 and the shopping for my boots.

I want to share how I am making a cowgirl Christmas tree.

The base is a brass boot painted black.
Next step is to paint the details silver.

I have lots of ideas for Cowgirl crafts.

My East is meeting my West.

I am remembering.

I am honoring the cowgirls
that came before me.
I want to share all the Cowgirling I am doing.
I want to share the books, the music and the movies I find.

I have this picture of me on my desk.
 I remember my brother's cowboy shirt and hat.
It is a reminder to be the Cowgirl 
I always wanted to be.

I call upon my inner, grown up, Cowgirl 
to give me steadfastness.

It is the 
 Spirit of the Cowgirl
 that keeps me going strong.