Thursday, December 8, 2011

Artist Date

For our Artist Date today we went to a few shops.

These independent shop keepers have lovely wares
for sale

and lovely shops.
They were decorated beautifully.

I bought a few wooden cutout ornaments.

I found them charming.

The baby things warmed my heart.

I just might have to make a pair of these.
Linen slippers for me! Oh yes!
Wonderful Unicorn
and  paper pulp sheep have me dancing with delight.
I can do those.
In another shop we looked at 2012 calendars.
I fell in love with a few.
The shop keeper encouraged me
 to make my own with my photographs.
She said if I put something together she would be interested
in ordering for her shop. 2012 could be my year to do a wee bit more with photographs.
I have lots of butterflies and bird photographs.
We will see what I come up with.
This calendar is exquisite.
I just might have to clean my desk off
and pick one of these up. It is hand letter pressed.
Amazingly gorgeous! Kind of pricey too.

We walked along the rows of shops.
The snow from Wednesday is almost gone.

The shop windows were so pretty.

I always ask a shop keeper if they mind before I take photographs.
Some do. I respect their wishes.
Often I see things and I have the desire to create.
A snap shot helps me remember.
Simple needle work makes for charming wall art
or pillows.
Simple snowflakes on windows
inspired me.
I have my spray snow.
We will make snowflakes.
Mother Nature has snow coming my way tonight.
Let it Snow!

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