Friday, December 16, 2011

Artist Date

We had a very fun Artist Date.

We had savory crepes at our local creperie.

We went Christmas window shopping.

This tree reminded me of my Cardinals.
I just need snow.
On our baking day this week
 we baked gluten free Gingerbread boys.

We made big and small boys. They are very tasty.
It has been too many years since I had Gingerbread cookies.
I am finding much joy in gluten free baking.

I have a new friend.
We have added the good Pterodactyl to our Christmas.

They may be extinct in the wild

but they live on in our imaginations 

and under our Christmas tree.

My book says fossils have been found in Germany.
I will do some research to see if I can find out where.
It would be a treat to see these fossils!

Seed catalogs are beginning to arrive.
We are talking about our 2012

I am reading about victory gardens
during W.W. II.

I am learning lots of ways of
full use and recycling.
We are in Halcyon Days.
These calm days surrounding
 Winter Solstice are a perfect time for me
to find the peace that passes
all understanding.
Thank you Pterodactyl.
Germany sound like an amazing country.


  1. OmgOmgOmg I am in LOVE with that tree full of Cardinals...I am lusting/dreaming/obsessing about having one live at my house---that glass(?) Cardinal takes my breath away---Could you/would you mind too very much to check the price for one of those Cardinals and let me know? I would be forever grateful/indebted to you...*sigh*
    SherryQ, your gingerbread people looks so good, I can almost taste them. :) The information about the pterodactyl is really exciting---can you imagine finding SKIN as well as fossils??? I'm receiving some seed catalogs and dreaming of home-grown goodness.
    I had a slice of toast at 10:30:) this a.m. I am working on my assignment.

  2. Gingerbread men look good enough to eat. I love the smell of them baking too. mmmmmm. I like your new ornament.