Thursday, June 30, 2011


I had a piece of my Great Grandmother's carved ivory made
into a drop to wear as a necklace.
I think it will look pretty with my Mammoth Ivory bracelet.

It is dangerously hot.
I went outside looking for bugs.
The Queen Ann's Lace is gorgeous right now.
I was out for about ten minutes.

Even the Dragonflies were staying in the shade.

I came in for reading

and processing trip photographs.

I am Mammoth dreaming.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cowgirls and Mammoths

I love being home.
I love stepping out into the backyard and being with
the Tiger Swallowtails.
I am a Tall Grass Prairie Girl.
I love my home.
I love to travel too.
I love every part of travel;
the preparing, the loading of the car, the leaving and the coming home, all are wonderful.
I love finding myself while on the road. I love to connect.
I love the way I am changed when I travel.
I love the way the different flora and fauna affect me.
It always happens to me when I travel.
Somewhere on a trip I am influenced, forever changed.
This year it happened when I was in Cody, Wyoming.

I thought the Rockstar Cowgirl sign was fun.

The owner of the shop had lots of fun things for sell.

Her and her mate create custom boots.
I thought I wanted a pair of custom made cowgirl boots.
I thought about it but I am so happy wearing my moccasins I decide against the boots.
I really am not a Rockstar Cowgirl.
 I really belong in the shop down the street.

I really am a Mammoth lover.

My heart began to beat fast when I saw the
Mammoth Ivory jewelry.

I had bought a simple horse hair bracelet
when I was at the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

It is small and lovely, a nice every day bracelet.
Perhaps that is all I need.
The fossils in the shop were grand.

I always need more books.
When I placed my things on the counter I looked at the bracelet again.
I tried the Mammoth bracelet on.

My husband suggested I buy it.

It is on my dresser now. It is so lovely.
It has changed me in a very real way. I want everything in my life to be as significant and as elegant as my Mammoth bracelet.
I have not worn it it yet. A family wedding is coming up.
I think it will look perfect with a pretty dress my daughter gave me.
I have a new desire bubbling up.
I am looking at my clothes and my shoes differently.

 Tiger Swallowtails are elegant.
I am waiting for the female Tiger, in her black dress, to come into the gardens. I want to tell her all about Mammoths and bracelets.
I want to learn more about elegance.