Thursday, February 24, 2011


A winter storm
greeted me this morning.

Spring is just waking up.

We will watch the dance.

The Chipmunk came to the deck
for seeds.

Our first crocus has bloomed.
Once again the parade of flowers is beginning.

Daffodils are emerging.
This storm will pass.
I am filled with anticipation.


  1. Wonderful reminder of what's ahead for us..Great photos!

  2. Dear Sherry,

    The cardinals always, always, make me smile.
    I love to see them with a wintry background.
    Crocus is pretty, and makes a bold statement.
    My yellows always get pecked by the sparrows.
    They seem to dislike them for some reason.....

    I wish I had a chipmonk they are just so sweet.......

    Do pop over to my blog, I had a visitor today.........

  3. I have to say those Cardinals look so much more red when the snow is flying. I am glad you aren't defeated by the wintere storm. Spring will return with great exurberance.