Thursday, February 17, 2011


The wind blew strong out of the south raising our afternoon temperatures to record breaking highs. I recorded 76 degrees.
I sat outside for a little while and enjoyed watching a Red Winged Black Bird. Every now and again this country bird will find my city feeders. 

I was able to go walking again today.
  I am once again dreaming my dreams.

I picked up a few books from the library.

This one I want in my library.

This book is food for my spirit.
I too ride a Dragon!

I am listening to music and


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  1. DEar Sherry, listening to music and dreaming, delightful....

    Most of my days are spent dreaming....for me, it is the perfect escape from all that worries or concerns me.

    Dragons and unicorns featured in my childhood often. My brother and I would play in the woods with out friends......mystical characters were included. Lovely days.

    I am also dreaming........I see my gardens clearly.
    I removed turf yesterday and created a new bed.
    I have already planted a kilmarnock willow....pretty tree, and bees love the catkins.
    I shall underplant with shade loving wetland plants.
    I am learning about this piece of land.....

    Stay well, stay walking....

    I think of you often.