Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have read you can tell
a Cowgirl by her heart.

I treasure the Valentines from my Mother.
This charming lady was given to my Mother when she was 16 years  old.

I am doing a bit of Redwork.

I am making simple little hearts and Bears.

My first Bear is named Ann.

Today I am cutting felted red wool.
I will make a Red Bear.

Sometimes I carry my heart on my sleeve.

I love deeply

and completely.

It is the way of the Cowgirl.


  1. All sorts of fun items. I love vintage Valentines.

  2. Dear Sherry, how lovely you have cards that belong to your mother. So very speical.

    Ann is a pretty little bear. You are so artistic.

    You have a good heart, a kind heart, a giving heart.

    Have a lovely weekend.