Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cowgirl Wabi Sabi

Finding a name for the way I live is very exciting.
I have found enthusiasm and appriciation for the way I experience the world. 
Wabi Sabi is a gift the universe gave to me just when I needed it.
Bowing, with my Cowgirl hat in hand, I give you the gift of
Wabi Sabi.

I picked up a few books from the library.
Stories of women who were rsourceful.
These stories inspire me.

As I begin a new year I will be returning to the
Wabi Sabi theme many times.

We are going to see
"True Grit" tomorrow with our friends.
We are celebrating my birthday
and the New Year.
I will wear my Cowgirl hat.
I will talk about Wabi Sabi
and the Cowgirl.
Our friends have an Irish heritage.
I want to talk about how the Irish and the Scottish
helped tame the Wild West.
Knowing our history encourages
us to live deep meaningful lives.

Honoring our heritage helps
us make responsible decisions
on how we use our resources.
I am committed to buying local
 as much as possible.

I am committed to
our wild places.
This week my word is resourceful.
I am an everyday
 Wabi Sabi  Cowgirl.

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  1. A friend of mine just saw True Grit and loved it. I hope you like it too. Have a great night out celebrating. Happy New Year.