Thursday, December 2, 2010

Spirit of the Cowgirl

I am smitten with the Cowgirl.
She has so much to teach me.

I want to share my Cowgirl adventure.
I want to hear about your Cowgirl.

Annie Oakley was my role model when I was a little girl.
She still pulls my heart strings.
She had the best outfits!

Today I am inspired by the Cowgirls who are in the
Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
 I am inspired by these strong, "can do" women.

The Spirit of the Cowgirl is awesome.
She has a bit of spunk about her.

I am learning

 the Cowgirl Way.

I am finding my Cowgirl style.

It is so much fun.

I need a place to gather my Cowgirl things.

I need a place I can talk Cowgirl.

I want to share the story of my hat
 and the shopping for my boots.

I want to share how I am making a cowgirl Christmas tree.

The base is a brass boot painted black.
Next step is to paint the details silver.

I have lots of ideas for Cowgirl crafts.

My East is meeting my West.

I am remembering.

I am honoring the cowgirls
that came before me.
I want to share all the Cowgirling I am doing.
I want to share the books, the music and the movies I find.

I have this picture of me on my desk.
 I remember my brother's cowboy shirt and hat.
It is a reminder to be the Cowgirl 
I always wanted to be.

I call upon my inner, grown up, Cowgirl 
to give me steadfastness.

It is the 
 Spirit of the Cowgirl
 that keeps me going strong.


  1. Dear Friends,
    I plan on posting to "The Spirit of the Cowgirl" each Thursday. I do all sorts of Cowgirling each day.
    Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you.
    Please leave comments about your inner Cowgirl!
    We can have a Cowgirl round up right here.

  2. Sherry, I'm blank on my inner cowgirl right now (it's past my bedtime.. hehe!). But I'm sure she's in there somewhere. I'm inspired to find her! What a great post, and I certainly do love that picture of you all li'l cowgirled up! Looking forward to more cowgirlin' in the future. -T

  3. Dear Sherry, the cowgirl is new to me. Not part of our history....but I am sure if I dig deep enough I may find a connection.

    This will be a wonderful journey to follow......and I know a KC girl who has spunk!

    I adore horses......and often talk to them in the fields or meet them at the farmers gate. Perhaps that is where I will start my thoughts.......

  4. BTW I love, just love the photograph of you as a little girl. That image tells me a great deal about you......

  5. I was such a tomboy that I wanted to be a cowboy. Ha... Love the picture of you as a child dressed and ready to herd cattle.

  6. What a cute photo, Sherry! You look like you're ready to jump on your pony and ride...though your Dad's shoes might make it a little difficult to saddle up:)

    I was thinking I was not a cowgirl, but in a way I was: my Dad raised some dairy cows when I was younger, and one of my chores in the summer was to go out to the pasture and bring them home at milking time. So I guess I was "rounding up the herd" as a little girl!

    I'm enjoying this post and your fascination with the cowgirl--it's good to honor these strong and determined women.

  7. Dear Tammy,
    Cowgirl is all about the 'can do" attitude. Just putting in my pony tail gets me in the Cowgirl mood. I know you have the "can do". We will have lots of fun releasing our inner Cowgirls together.....
    Happy Trails,

  8. Dear Cheryl,
    You have the strength of character of ten Cowgirls!
    I think an English Lady's Cowgirl will be such a joy to see.
    Talking with horses immediately qualifies you for Cowgirl status.
    The photograph of me at age 2 being a Cowgirl in borrowed clothes is my favorite. It is the real me!
    Happy Trails,

  9. Dear Lisa,
    Sounds as if you were born with the cowgirl spirit!
    Honoring the birds and the trees is just one way you share the respect for nature that all Cowgirls carry in their hearts. We do not have to have Stetsons to be Cowgirls although it is fun to wear one!
    I bought the Cowgirl Dolly I have been longing for.....
    Can't wait for her to come. I will be taking photographs and sharing. I am redoing my doll cabinet from when I was a little girl. My little Cowgirl is loving this adventure.
    She has all sorts of desires that never could be fulfilled as a child. Now I can gift to myself a bit!
    Do you have any photographs of you dressed up in a Cowboy outfit? You know the Stetsons are unsexed. I am a 6 3/4. The Stetson straw hat is a large from a thrift store.....I am so happy with my dollar hat too. Perfect for sitting in the sun.
    I wore my fancy black hat to the grocery store this week. It's first public outing. I was fine...forgot all about having it on. I have a party on the 18th so I am working on a Cowgirl outfit to wear. It has been years and years since I was interested in clothes.
    I feel as if I am back living life to the fullest!
    Happy Trails,

  10. Dear Rose,
    You are a Cowgirl indeed! Today you may be rounding up the kids for a fantastic Thanksgiving spread!
    I am so happy to have found this creative outlet. Cowgirln', as Tammy said, is this amazing empowerment of being true to one's self. I would love for every young girl to feel the power of knowing who she is. I would love every woman to know, regardless of age or health, they can be the strong person they were born to be. They "can
    do" anything they set their minds to!
    Happy Trials,

  11. Such a fabulous start to your new blog Sherry.
    I absolutely love the photo of you all dressed up in your cowgirl clothes :-) Looking forward to stopping by and reading all about your "Happy Cowgirl Trails" ♥