Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cowgirl Dolly

I saw her on e-bay
in November.

I fell in love.

She inspired me.
I kept an eye on her.

She was out of my price range.

Last week when her price was lowered I bought her.
On St. Nicholas Day she arrived.

I was on the telephone with my friend when she came.
I opened her package and shared the moment.
Cowgirln' is so much fun!
For Christmas my Cowgirl dolly will stand on the mantel.

Cowgirln' has come into the Kitchen.
This cookbook has inspired me to tell the stories of my recipes
and to name my dishes.

I am simplifying my cooking.
Looking for fewer ingredients
and more flavor.

I am reading and learning about the Cowboy style.

There is much to learn.
I have been talking about the Cowgirl Way with my friends.

I have been sharing how my little Cowgirl photograph reminds me
I am creative and resourceful.

I have an idea....

I want to create a deck of "Everyday Cowgirl"
inspirational cards.
I asked a couple of friends if they had a picture of themselves that
spoke to them or inspired them in some way.
They said they did have pictures and began talking about
their inner Cowgirls.
They will send me a photograph and a few words about the picture.
If you have a photograph and would like to be a part of the Everyday Cowgirl inspirational card series send me an e-mail.
Send me a photograph and a few words.
I will make up the deck of cards and send everyone a set.
These photographs can be of yourself at any age.
The Cowgirl is an attitude.
She doesn't have to have a hat or a pair of boots.

It does help to have a Dolly!


  1. What a cute doll. I can see why you had to have her. I will look for my photo. This sounds like a fun project.

  2. Howdy Lisa,
    Thanks for being part of the Everyday Cowgirl Inspirational
    Card series. I think it will be a wonderful project to do.
    I also want to design a card holder for our cards.
    I see a product line coming my way....
    Until next week,
    Happy Trails,

  3. Your new Cowgirl doll is gorgeous - the detail on her little boots is amazing. I love the idea of Cowgirl Inspirational cards & will look for a photo :-)

  4. I love your new dolly! I will look for a photo. I have always been a cowgirl wanna-be. This is a great idea! -Tammy

  5. Dear Deb,
    Looking forward to your photograph. I think the cards will be fun to make and each person who sends in a photograph will get a set of cards. We can inspire each other.
    My daughter in Portland, Oregon said she will help me get the cards done up.
    Happy Trails,

  6. Dear Tammy,
    I just knew you were a Cowgirl!
    This project may take a few months as photographs are found and words sent in.
    My Dolly is so pretty she tells me everyday, "Pretty up sweetheart!"
    Happy Trails,