Thursday, March 8, 2012

Artist Date

We began our Artist Date this morning
by having breakfast out.
I was so taken by the heather
on our table that I gasped when I saw it.

Our waitress gave me a
 nice branch to take home.
We will be back!

We had a delightful day.
We picked up our seed potatoes
and we did some shopping
at the yarn shop.

Each day another clump of Daffodils

begins dancing in
the wind.

My miniature rose bushes
are blooming indoors.

I will wait to plant them out.

Our little mantis seems to be
 doing just fine indoors.
She can go outside soon.
It is Spring.


  1. Still too cold for our mantis to emerge. It won't be long though. Pretty daffs.

  2. I fell in love with potted Heather at the grocery store today. Would have brought one home with me if I had thought it would live. I hope to find some hardy Heather for outside this Spring. The Daffodils bring a smile to my lips every time I catch a glimpse of them dancing in the breeze. :) Aren't Praying Mantis' the most magical little creatures?!