Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

We planted our root vegetables today.

Lots of wonderful vegetables including 24 hills of potatoes.

Getting our Spring kitchen garden planted is very exciting.
We still have carrot and radish seeds to plant before the Full Moon,
this time period is known as the dark of the moon.
Our above ground vegetables we will plant after the Full Moon, in the light of the moon.

I have been reading about the Mandan tribe.
There are stories in Wales that links this American Indian tribe to the Welsh who came to the Bay of Alabama in 1160.
I am very interested in the Mandan Tribe.

My research on the internet included this wonderful photograph
of a Mandan hut.
We are listening to poetry
and celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Strong southerly winds
brought unseasonably
warm air into the mid-west.

Each day more crocus bloom.
We have been cleaning flowerbeds.

Getting the gardens ready for spring
is always a big job.

We follow college basketball.

We made our picks.
We will watch the games.
We will cheer for our favorite teams.

Win or lose we will have fun.
Cowgirls are good sports!

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  1. You have been busy. I hope you had a great St Pattys day. The weather here has been marvelous too. Don'tcha just luv this spring weather! We have been working in the garden too.