Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask and you shall receive

My Moon watch continues.
The waning crescent Moon rose early this morning.
I have been getting up to see her.

When the sun rises the Hummingbirds
 are first to the feeders.

The juveniles fly about all day long.
They are a delight to watch.
The House Wrens fledged their little ones.
Summer birds are busy.

I am enjoying the early morning before
 the day becomes hot and humid.

I have had some trouble telling the Variegated Fritillary

apart from the Tawny Emperor.

I asked Tawny to come in so I could learn
his markings.

I am so grateful he did.

They do look different.
I think I will remember now who is who!

The Eastern Tailed Blues are so tiny.
In the early morning they often open their wings
to warm up. I think they are gorgeous!

I still have a few cone flowers blooming.

The marigolds are doing very well.
The Gray Hairstreak seem to enjoy them.

Native Summer bugs and native Summer birds
are some of the reasons I love Summer.


  1. I have empty nest syndrome here Sherry. The House Wrens fledged their second brood from the house just outside my window. It seems so quiet here at my desk. I am already looking forward to next spring when they return. Your photos are fabulous. Getting the little blue is a miracle. Your patience paid off beautifully. Cheers.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    I adore blue small, so delicate, so very pretty. My garden is blessed with the holly blue and the purple hairstreak, for that I am so very grateful.
    I have their host plants......

    The hummingbirds make me smile......I wish I could be with you once again to watch them.
    I know I will one day, I just know :)

    Many blessings to you and your gardens.
    When I visit your blogs, I leave with much hope in my heart and for that I truly thank you.