Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the cusp

It continues to be hot.
We need rain.

The Queen of the Praire is beginning to bloom.
It will provide food for the bees.

Eastern Tailed Blues are enjoying the mint.
Me too.

We are on the cusp of Leo the Lion.

I am collecting Lions.

Lions are coming to me in lots of
different ways.

I have added Lion
to my yoga practice complete with roar!

My archetype in Leo is my Homemaker.
I turn to my hearth and my home when the temperatures rise
 in July and August.

I turn to the myths of Hestia.

I think of her and the hearth.
I think of how she was considered the beginning and the end.
Hestia was the essence of all.

I love my home.

I love my homemaking.

I have Crickets on my hearth.

1 comment:

  1. With this awful heat wave, or dome, however you wish to say it the air conditioned home is the only place to be. It does make you start looking at home with an eye for change. Maybe I want to change things around because I can't change this awful weather. Ha.... Stay cool.