Thursday, August 2, 2012

A wee bit of rain

I awoke this morning to the sound of thunder.

The deck was wet.

A fine mist was falling.

I took my coffee outside.
I wanted to spend time with the birds.

I wanted to be outside in the mist.
We only received .2".
I treasure every drop!


  1. Don't the birds look bedraggled? Of course they do every year at this time while molting and fighting mites. Great photos. I am happy to report that we got 3" of rain. Yes, you read that right, three inches. :) :) Of course it isn't enough to stop the drought but as you say, I am thrilled to have every drop.

  2. Rain was in the forecast but it is hot and humid again today. It is so nice to see the birds enjoying the pond in our garden ~ the other day we had five sparrows lined up waiting their turn to walk under the water spout :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend Sherry ♥

  3. Don't you just love hanging out with those little birds on 'beauty shop' days? :) I adore their 'wet' hairdos. :D (Especially the little hummers when their little heads get all ruffled up---makes me giggle)