Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tall Grass Prairie

I love the Tall Grass Prairie.

I worry about the future of the wildflowers.
I worry about the butterflies.
Our planet needs the biodiversity of the Tall Grass Prairie.

When the water runs out the farmers will only
 have the wind to farm.

We need the grasses.
We need the sunflowers.

My husband built a bamboo trellis for the gourds.
We have given our garlic patch over to the gourds.
The garlic is drying and will be ready to braid soon.
The gourds will cure on the vines over the winter.
We will take the trellis down next spring.

The green beans are sprouting.

A Fig Beetle was splattered with mud.
When I walk the gardens I think about the flora and fauna that live here in my backyard. I think about my relationship
to the Tall Grass Prairie I call home.
I think I will grow Bird's Foot Violets.
They are the host plant for the Regal Fritillary. I could grow them
as border plants in the gourd garden. I could grow them around the beans. There is room for the wild and the cultivated in my gardens.
There is room for food for the butterflies and the people.
Maybe I could poke in some grasses around the sunflowers.


  1. I love that you are so 'caring', tending to the needs of the earth and the earthlings...(I LOVE that trellis)

  2. Dear Sherry,

    The trellis is beautiful, a piece of artwork in its own right. i cannot wait to see the gourds climbing....

    I worry about our wildflower meadows and the ancient woodland. I plant native.....I do my best to give this tiny piece of land back to wildlife. I do so wish there were more like you, you restore my faith. I know I am not alone.....