Thursday, October 20, 2011

Artist Date

We drove to a small town just north of us today for our Artist Date.

I had so much fun looking in the shops.

This white Witch spoke to me but she was too pricey even with 13% off.
I do think a white Witch is in my furture. I will find a way to make one.
White Bear also spoke.....his shoe basket is so cute!
We had crepes and coffee for lunch.

It was sunny today but too cold for our
 Black Swallowtail to be released.
She nectared on sugar water this afternoon.
It is fun having her about.
As soon as it is warm enough we will release her.
I saw a Skipper on the white mums.
I checked the temperature, 54 degrees, too cold for Black.
It is to freeze again tonight.
We will cover the squash and marigolds.

I think I will have a nice winter with the birds.

They seem to be used to me already.

Sitting in the sun with the birds is delightful.

They make me smile.

I took my tea to the deck and wrote about my artist date.

I have all sorts of ideas.
I will miss the butterflies and the bees.
I hope to do some wool applique this winter.
I want to do table runner with bees and butterflies on it.

I keep hearing that White Witch...."BOO WHOO!"
She sure is cute!

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  1. yes indeed, the days and nights are getting colder. autumn holiday goods are a bit on the magical side, so fun. lovely autumn to you~