Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bugs and birds

I am meditating in the mornings
on the deck with the birds.

The North Wind
played the wind harp this morning.
I was in bliss.

The Orange Dog has grown.
He is over 2 inches long.

The Soapwort has re-bloomed.
It is a non-native herb that has naturalized in the mid-west.

The Grass Skippers are enjoying these September days.
This is Peck's Skipper. I am learning my Skippers.
The Goldenrod is covered with Soldiers and

Ailanthus Moths.

Cooper's Hawk flew in and scattered the
Sparrows and Doves.
I closed my eyes and followed my breath.
The sun was warm on my face.


  1. Your morning meditations sound as beautiful as your photos. Enjoy being out there comfortably while you can.

  2. Dear Sherry,

    Cooper's Hawk is very majestic. A stunning image.....I have a sparrowhawk hunting in the garden. The birds are quiet today.

    Hummingbird is so precious. Our swallows are getting ready to make their journey to S Africa.
    I heard them twittering in the skies above the garden. Making their heart always goes with them......