Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spirit Animals

We had rain showers this morning.
The sun came out late in the day.

The Rose- breasted Grosbeaks fed at the feeding station.

A Catbird came to the deck.

I am learning about Spirit Animals.

I am learning about Horses.

I am learning about the Swans.

It is the waxing Crescent Moon day.
She is lovely.


  1. Fairy Bower sounds most interesting. My spirit animal is the Flicker. Such a comfort.

  2. The Cardinal amongst the blossoms is breath-taking, Sherry! I would love to see the Grosbeaks at my feeders...maybe some day...I know they are in my area.

  3. Amazing photos! Like to know if you use a hinding place or just have a very powerful camera for long distance shooting?