Thursday, November 3, 2011


The sun felt nice this afternoon when
I sat outside with the birds.
We received 2 inches of much needed rain yesterday.

The North wind continues to spin the Wind Spinner
 and all day the Wind Harp has been singing.

I was sheltered from the wind.
The deck is on the south side of the house.
We quickly packed up October and cleaned the house.
Decorating for November was very easy and fun.
I really like our November things.
I have much fun in November.
Each morning I choose a card.
Swan is one of my totems.
I was so pleased to start the month off with her.
My friend gave me these cards.

I am a turtle.....
We have lots of music we listen to in November.
November is a relaxed month at my house.

I have begun a serious study of the Native Women in America.

A few hours of leaf pick up remain.
My husband racked and mulched the flower beds
while I decorated our November house.
We have not had a hard freeze. Once we do there will be some vegetable garden clean up to do.
The vegetable garden still has squash!

These are my Cowgirl days.

My Cowgirl Dolly stays up all year in the doll cabinet.
In November she moves to the mantle.

In November Cowgirls and Indian Princess take center stage.

Moccasins welcome friends and family.

I welcome November.
Today was a gorgeous, sweet, crisp November day.

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  1. It is good to hear that your area finally got some rain. We had some today. Yay. Enjoy November. I know we will. Lovin' this fall weather. I am so thankful that I know you and you share all of this positive energy through your photos and art.