Thursday, November 10, 2011

Artist Date

We walked on a restored section
of Tallgrass Prairie this afternoon for our Artist Date.
It is was wonderful.
The sky was clear and the wind a gentle breeze.
The Northern Harrier hunted while we walked.

Gold Finches fed on seed heads.

The grasses have turned Autumn Red.

I was hunting for wild Rose hips.
I gathered enough for a few pots of winter tea.
I will mix them with Chamomile.
I was so happy to see wild Bittersweet.

I grow plenty in my backyard so I did not gather.
Hopefully it will continue to grow on the Prairie.
It is protected here.
I was also happy to see lots of Milkweed pods
 bursting with seed. Host plants for the Monarch butterflies.

The breeze came up and rippled the reflections
in the ponds.

A water beetle swam to the log.

A turtle sat sunning.

I saw a Buckeye butterfly and an
 Orange Sulphur flying in the afternoon sun.
This was a fun Artist date.

I am a Tallgrass Prairie girl.

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  1. A BEAUTIFUL post, Sherry!! *sigh* I would love to have the native Bittersweet...maybe I'll try ordering some...I'm going to make a special are set at 'noreply' to your comments, but I have a huge need to send you an email in response to your last comment on my blog. Can I please have your email addy?