Thursday, January 19, 2012

Artist date

Our Black Swallowtail house guest is charming.
The high temperature today is 27 degrees. Way too cold for Swallowtails to be outside.
I fixed her a nectar pot.

In my Book of Days I read today, January 19th,
is the Singapore Kite Festival.

I love kites.
I found myself dreaming about kites.

Zen Kites are nice and small.
I can fly them in my house.
Some kites are huge.

Last year the International Kite Day was in February.
I think this year it is in June.
 I decided today was a grand day to think about kites.

Luna New Year is next week.

I am thinking about butterflies
and Dragons.
It is the cusp of Aquarius.

The archetype of the victim is in Aquarius for me.
My victim is my Dragon.

I have read about Chinese Dragons.
I have read about the Water Dragons.

Today when we went on our Artist Date
I wore a Kite pin and Chinese Kite ear rings.

We are shopping for a couple of pieces of furniture
for our media room.
I was hunting for kites and Dragons.

I have started another book about Shinto.
I am beginning to understand.

All over the world butterflies are loved.
All over the world kites are flown.
All over the world Dragon clouds dance.

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  1. I can see why you would be drawn to the kite feastival. Clouds, dragons and butterflies all go together.